By James Hutson, DDS, PC
July 29, 2019
Category: Oral Health
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Do you have TMJ? You may have heard that problem called TMJ, but it's actually TMD -- temporomandibular joint disorder. TMD is a TMJmedical problem related to the temporomandibular joint, which is a hinge that connects the jawbone to the skull. James Hutson, DDS, which is located in Marietta, GA, offers treatments for TMD. Here are 5 signs that you may have TMJ/TMD.

1. Discomfort: Pain or discomfort is the most common complaint among people with TMD. TMD can cause pain in the face, neck, head, or jaw. Pain can be present at any time, even in the absence of jaw activity. The intensity of the pain can range from mild to intense. For many people, the pain eventually resolves, but for some people the pain can persist for years.

2. Tightness: Most patients with TMD have tightness in their jaw from time to time. The inability to open wide without discomfort is a common TMD patient complaint. A tight jaw can also result from injury, anxiety, stress, or inflammation. Overexerting the jaw by chewing too much can also cause tightness in the jaw.

3. TMD Sounds: TMD can cause popping or clicking sounds when closing and opening the mouth. TMD sounds typically occur from normal variations in the physical characteristics of the joint. Most TMD sounds are caused by the articular disc being displaced. Some patients experience TMJ sounds, but do not have any TMD related pain.

4. Eating Problems: TMD can cause problems biting or chewing. Some patients with TMD in Marietta have difficulty chewing food. Difficulty chewing is a result of a change in their bite. If you have TMD, you should avoid chewing gum. When you have TMD, limiting excessive use of your jaw joint will give your jaw a chance to rest. You should also avoid eating hard foods. Hard foods may place excessive stress on your jaw.

5. TMD Locking: If you have TMD, your jaw that can become locked shut or locked open. Closed lock is very frightening and disheartening for those who have it. According to research, about 15 percent of individuals with TMD related pain have reported that they have had at least one locking episode.

Jaw pain hurts, but you don't have to suffer. If you have symptoms of TMD, call James Hutson, DDS at (770) 424-7525 today to schedule an appointment in Marietta, GA. Get your life back on track by receiving the best TMD treatment available. Our treatments bring real relief to TMD sufferers. You will experience superior dental care at James Hutson, DDS!


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