By James Hutson, DDS, PC
September 24, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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A beautiful smile extends hospitality and friendship to everyone. However, if you're ashamed of your teeth and gums, you won't smile, laugh or converse easily. Why not give yourself a smile you'll love and project who you really are? Learn what cosmetic dentistry options Dr. James Hutson in Marietta, GA, offers.

If you can dream it...

Dr. Hutson and his team can deliver it. But, first, you'll discuss your goals and how best to meet them. In his Marietta, GA, office, your cosmetic dentist will examine your mouth, take X-rays and oral impressions. Then, you'll discuss what services may deliver the realistic changes you want--things such as:

  • Brighter tooth color
  • Repair of gaps, chips, pits, craze lines and other defects
  • Refurbishment of dental damage due to decay, trauma, gum disease or congenital malformation
  • Replacement of missing teeth

Together, you and your dentist will agree upon a treatment plan and a timeline to suit your schedule. Then, the transformation begins.

Cosmetic dentistry services and what they do

1. Professional teeth whitening removes years of organic stains, brightening enamel by several shades of color. Supervised by Dr. Hutson, in-office or at-home whitening uses concentrated hydrogen peroxide and is safe for healthy teeth and gums.

2. Cosmetic contouring lightly sands rough edges, evens tooth length and put the finishing touch on a smile makeover.

3. Composite resin bonding uses a tooth-colored putty to repair gaps, cracks and other flaws. Your dentist adds it in layers and cures each with a special blue light for a durable finish. Composite resin also restores tooth decay. This modern material a wonderful alternative to dark amalgam fillings.

4. Porcelain veneers cover aesthetic defects with a custom-made layer of thin ceramic. Veneers also strengthen weak enamel.

5. Porcelain crowns shore up decayed and heavily restored teeth. Covering a tooth to the gum line, these tooth-shaped restorations look natural, restoring color, bite and alignment. Crowns restore dental implants and anchor bridgework, too--tooth replacements which may be included in more extensive smile makeovers.

A great smile

The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) reports that 96 percent of Americans believe a great smile helps them professionally and socially. So, why not tap into the possibilities cosmetic dentistry could give you? Call Dr. James Hutson in Marietta, GA for your personalized consultation. Phone us at (770) 424-7525.


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