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By James Hutson, DDS, PC
December 30, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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Are you wondering if dental crowns and bridges are right for you?

Are you currently dealing with tooth loss? Are you looking for a way to replace your missing teeth? If so, our Marietta, GA, cosmetic dentist Dr. James Hutson offers amazingly realistic and incredibly long-lasting crowns and bridges for patients who are looking to fill gaps in their smiles after tooth loss. Here are just some of the benefits associated with getting dental crowns and bridges.

Restore Chewing

Nothing is more difficult than chewing certain foods when you are missing one or several teeth. The good news is that by simply getting crowns and bridges to replace your missing teeth, our Marietta, GA, dental team can improve chewing forces so that it’s so much easier to eat all the foods you love without putting stress on your other teeth.

Make Speaking Easier

Another problem that people who are missing multiple teeth often face, is difficulty saying certain words or the development of a lisp. Fortunately, our dental team can help restore your speech by simply placing a dental bridge to fill gaps with resilient and natural-looking false teeth that will make it easier to pronounce any words without impediments.

Keep Teeth From Shifting Around

By placing teeth in these gaps, we can also prevent the rest of your natural teeth from slowly shifting into these spaces. This is why it’s important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. Most healthy individuals who are missing at least one tooth are often ideal candidates for crowns and bridges.

Improve Your Appearance

This is more of an obvious benefit, but one that we still need to recognize. After all, nothing can make someone feel more embarrassed by their appearance than having large unsightly gaps in their smile. We know the toll that tooth loss can have not just on a person’s health but also on their appearance. We can help you get your full, confident smile back!

If you are interested in getting crowns and bridges from our expert dental team here in Marietta, GA, the next step is to call our office at (770) 424-7525 to schedule a consultation. We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss which tooth replacement options are right for you.

By James Hutson, DDS, PC
December 20, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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You know you should see the dentist about that nagging tooth or gum problem, but you keep putting it off. Truth be told, you're a little nervous that your treatment visit might be unpleasant.

In one sense, your concern isn't unreasonable: The teeth and gums abound in nerves that are more than effective in signaling pain. Even minor dental procedures can trigger discomfort. In another sense, though, there's no need to worry, thanks to pain-numbing techniques using local anesthesia.

The term “local” is used because the applied anesthetic only affects the area and surrounding tissues needing treatment. The anesthetic drugs temporarily block nerve electrical impulses from transmitting pain signals to the brain. Unlike general anesthesia, which requires placing a patient in an unconscious state, a patient can be awake, yet feel no sensation around the anesthetized tissue.

Dentists typically use a two-step method to prevent patients from feeling any pain during a procedure. First, they apply a topical local anesthetic to the surface of the gums. Once these top layers have been numbed, they numb the underlying tissues by injecting the anesthetic with a needle. The goal of a topical application is to ensure the patient doesn't feel the prick of the needle used for deep tissue anesthesia.

Dentists follow strict protocols using anesthesia that have been developed over several decades. As a result, local anesthesia has revolutionized dental care and greatly reduced patient discomfort safely and effectively. Its effectiveness has in fact led to a common complaint that the numbness may linger long afterwards. But that also has been addressed with better combinations of anesthetic drugs to reduce the duration of the numbing effect.

And not only does local anesthesia make for a more relaxing and pleasant experience, it also benefits the dental provider. Dentists tend to work more efficiently when they know their patients aren't in discomfort, which can result in better treatment outcomes.

If you've been putting off a trip to the dentist because you think it might be painful or uncomfortable, put those concerns to rest. With the help of local anesthesia, dental treatment can be relaxing and pain-free.

If you would like more information on having a pain-free experience at the dentist, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Local Anesthesia for Pain-Free Dentistry.”

By James Hutson, DDS, PC
December 11, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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Missing teeth are not only a detriment to your oral health, but they can also affect your overall health. If you have lost some or all of your teeth, removable dentures are the easiest and most affordable solution. Dr. James Hutson is a dentist in Marietta. He can provide you with dentures.

How Dentures Can Change Your Life

Marietta dental patients who have lost many teeth find that dentures can help them in many ways, including:

  • Restoring your dental functions: If they fit properly, dentures allow you to bite and chew just as well as you could with your natural teeth. This means you don’t have to restrict your diet anymore and you will be getting a healthier nutritional balance.
  • Restoring your facial structure: When you have lost a significant number of your teeth, it causes your lips and cheeks to sag, which can lead to premature aging. Dentures restore the integrity of your facial structure, leaving you looking younger.
  • Preventing bone erosion. Over time, lost teeth cause your jawbone to erode. This is because the roots of your teeth are missing. Dentures can help reduce bone loss.
  • Boosting your confidence: You won’t have to feel embarrassed about missing teeth, so you can smile with confidence. You will also notice that you can speak more clearly.
  • Easy to maintain: Because you can remove dentures to clean them, maintaining good oral hygiene practices is simple.
  • Protecting your remaining teeth: If you do have some of your own teeth, dentures can help protect them by preventing them from shifting from their natural position and becoming loose and falling out.

If you live in Marietta and you would like to find out more about dentures, call Dr. Hutson at (770) 424-7525 to schedule an appointment. Whether you need partial dentures or a full set, Dr. Hutson is there to help.


It's been a rough year for all of us, but especially for Simon Cowell. The famous entrepreneur and brutally honest talent judge on American Idol and America's Got Talent underwent emergency back surgery in August after an accident on a new electric bike. But the good news is he's well on his way to recovery—and well enough in October to undergo another, less-stressful, procedure: a smile makeover with dental veneers.

This latest trip to the dentist wasn't Cowell's first experience with the popular restoration, wanting this time to update his smile to more closely resemble what he had when he was younger. He even brought along some older photos for reference.

Veneers aren't exclusive to celebrities like Simon Cowell, as thousands of people who get them every year can attest. These thin wafers of porcelain bonded to teeth can mask a wide range of defects, from chips, wear or discoloration to slight tooth gaps or misalignments. And every veneer is custom-made to match an individual patient's dental dimensions and coloring.

If you're thinking about a smile upgrade, here are a few reasons to consider dental veneers.

More bang for your buck. Compared to other transformative cosmetic options, veneers are relatively affordable, with the cost dependent largely on the extent of your dental needs. Still, dental veneers are an investment that can give long-lasting yields of a more attractive smile and even a completely new look.

Little to no tooth alteration. In most veneer cases, we need only remove a small amount of enamel so the veneers don't appear bulky (the alteration is permanent, though, so you'll need a veneer on the tooth from then on). It's also possible to get “no-prep” veneers requiring little to no alteration.

Durable and long-lasting. Continuing improvements in porcelain and other dental ceramics have led to stronger forms that can better withstand the biting forces your teeth encounter every day. Although you'll still need to be careful biting into hard items, your veneers can last for several years.

Easy to maintain. Veneer cleaning and maintenance is much the same as with natural teeth—daily brushing and flossing, and regular dental cleanings and checkups. Outside of that, you'll need to watch what you chomp down on: Veneers are strong, but not indestructible, and they can break.

As Simon Cowell knows, getting veneers isn't difficult. It starts with an initial visit so we can evaluate your dental health and needs. From there, we can present options on how to update your smile.

If you would like more information about dental veneers, please contact us or schedule a consultation. To learn more, read the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Porcelain Veneers” and “No-Prep Porcelain Veneers.”

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